Wince-Don't Feed The WorryBug Book App by Andi Green

A new kind of a Book app that's all about emotions because,
"Hey it's okay, we all have feelings!"

Have you ever had a worry? If so, this beautiful interactive storybook is for you. Based on the award-winning book, Don't Feed The WorryBug, by author/illustrator Andi Green, this interactive app tells the story of an adorable little monster named Wince. Wince worries so much The WorryBug appears! And we all know the more you worry, the bigger The WorryBug can become! Join Wince on his inspirational journey of self awareness.

Guaranteed to inspire anyone who has had a worry no matter how old they are.

With dedicated interactivity, a rhyming story, and stunning animation, Wince is entertaining and funny as well as being a fantastic tool for parents or professionals to talk to children about the things that worry them.
There is a device for children to record their worries and hear them played back.
The WorryWoos are an ingenious answer to exploring those sometimes confusing and swirling emotions that all children experience from time to time.
20 original hand painted pages, originally composed music and gentle interactivity. Children can follow the app at their own pace.
Andi Green, has won praise and accolades for her inventive approach to addressing topics that don't have easy answer. Green's goal is to help children(and adults) embrace their emotions and find their inner "Woo"!
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